Packing light has become a passion for me.  After a two week trip on a Fulbright traveling though Germany and France lugging around a medium sized suitcase, which I thought was traveling light, I knew I had to change my habits.  What felt light to me wheeling it around my house became an albatross in Berlin when I realized that not all entrances and exits to train platforms had escalators or elavators.  Standing at the top of a staircase with my heavy suitcase, blocking the busy and industrious locals as they get on with their day, is frankly, embarrassing.  You can sort of feel them thinking, “Ah, another stupid American with heavy luggage”  

I love traveling and I love adventure. But something had to change – the rest of the world or me.  Well, clearly it was me who had to change.  Knowing that I had another two week trip coming up in Europe (this time in Germany and UK), I decided to learn how to pack light.  I learned how to be one of those people who carried on their luggage only.